Your Home, Our Business

We are a property consultancy based in Crete with extensive business experience in the South African, Portuguese and Greek real estate markets. Our team brings together impeccable business ethics, expertise and a thorough understanding of the local property industry.

We are here to assist you in:

FINDING your home in Crete and assistance with the purchasing thereof including all the legal matters and requirements; BUILDING your ideal home to your own specifications with daily onsite supervision, ensuring successful completion of the project; RENOVATIONS of an existing home to enhance both the aesthetic and investment value; ONGOING ASSISTANCE with personal after sales service.


Our clients have entrusted us to oversee all project management from beginning to completion with the knowledge that we are in a position to obtain a dynamic and talented workforce. We have access to pioneering architects with whom we share our vision. We are known for sourcing the best quality materials, the best workmanship at the best price possible thus giving investors and clients’ peace of mind building in a foreign country.


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Over the years we have had the opportunity to find selected homes for our clients.

With our clients specific requirements we were able to assist them in all areas of buying their home.


We at Greek property consultants combine technical expertise with a passion to create aesthetically pleasing structures, working closely with you each step of the way to fulfill all your needs and expectations. Close daily supervision of every phase of construction gives you total confidence and peace of mind in your investment.


The specifications of all our developments we have been involved in are in full accordance with the strict Greek anti-seismic building regulations. The structural materials used meet the regulations for heat and sound insulation as well as being environmentally friendly.

Greek Property Consultants